Fuyuki YAMAKAWA throat singer, performance artist
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" As a few bare light bulbs - synced to the beating of his heart - pulsed like a ritual fire, the effect was powerful and deeply strange, like a shamanistic ritual from the 23rd century. And at the climax, when Yamakawa drew his breath in and stopped his heart, creating a sudden, horrifying silence, the impact was devastating - as if we`d all just stepped off a cliff." (washington post)

born in London UK on 1973. based in Tokyo Japan.
Fuyuki Yamakawa -creator of sound/visual installations and improvised musical happenings - picks up and amplifies the sound of his heartbeat with an electronic stethoscope. At the same time this triggers the lighting of a series of light bulbs that oscillate simultaneously with the heartbeats, themselves cadenced to the rhythm of his 'Khoomei', a form of popular Tuvan (central asian) overtone singing in which Yamakawa excels, characterised by diplophonia, which is the contemporary emission of two sounds requiring total control of one`s breathing. Through his vocalisation, he controls his heartbeat`s speed and velocity.
" My physical body`s phenomena is outputted as sound and light and it gives perceptional stimulations to eyes, ears, and skins of audiences. Eventually the venue transforms into extended part of my body," he says. " Sometimes it stops my heart for seconds. I use electric guitar but I never touch the strings. I shake and rub the body of guitar to make drones. These actions work like 'sports', which influence heart beat." With a background in video art and graphic design, in 2001 he won the Grand Prix and Audience Award at the 1st Khoomei Festival in Japan (September) and started his professional career as a voice performer. In 2003, he was invited to the 4th International Khoomei Festival, which was held in the Republic of Tuva. He won the Avant-garde Award in the contest and became known as an Avant-garde Khoomei singer. In the same year, he participated in the 2nd Khoomei festival in Japan and succeeded in defending his championship title.

Past performances:
2007 SEP28 'Some cats from Japan' The Kitchen, NY, U.S.
2007 SEP27 'Some cats from Japan' The Kitchen, NY, U.S. (Duo with Ikue Mori)
2007 SEP21 'Vancouver New Music' The Scotiabank Dance Centre,Vancouver, Canada.
2007 SEP16 'The Time-Based Art Festival' Portland, U.S.
2007 JUL27,28 'D.D.D' Esplanade, Singapore (collaboration with Takao Kawaguchi)
2007 JUN 'La Biennale di Venezia' Arsenale, Venezia, Italy. (collaboration with Atsuhiro Ito, DoraVideo, MASH)
2007 JUN 'MODAFE 2007' ARKO Arts Theatre, Seoul, Korea (collaboration with Takao Kawaguchi)
2006 SEP '8th High Zero Festival Of Experimental Improvised Music' Baltimore, U.S.
2006 JUL 'Fuji Rock Festival`06' Naeba, Niigata, Japan. (as a singer of AlayaVijana)
2006 JUL 'sound/bodies' Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, New Plymouth, New Zealand.
2006 JUN 'La Biennale di Venezia' Arsenale, Venezia, Italy. (collaboration with Takao Kawaguchi)
2005 SEP 'Queer Zagreb Festival' HDLU, Zagreb, Republic of Croatia. (collaboration with Takao Kawaguchi)
2005 AUG "homeogryllus japonicus orchestra vol.2" Hara museum of contemporary art, Tokyo, Japan.
2005 JUL 'Queensland Music Festival' Brisbane, Australia.
2004 OCT 'sonarsound Tokyo 2004' Ebisu Garden Place, Tokyo, Japan.
2004 JUL '1st International Kai Festival' Republic of Altai, Russia.(awarded '3rd class kaichi')
2004 JUL 'Gennadi Tumat Festival' Republic of Tuva, Russia.(awarded 'most creative music award')
2004 JUL 'Fuji Rock Festival`04' Naeba, Niigata, Japan
2003 JUL '4th International Khoomei Festival' Republic of Tuva, Russia(awarded 'avan-garde award')

Keiji Haino, Yoshida daikiti, Sitar Tah!, Fuyuki Yamakawa
(aRCHIVE recordings)
'AlayaVijana III'
(music robita)
'AlayaVijana II'
(music robita)
'Here comes SEX education'
Plastic Sex
(Bounce label)

Performance at Panasonic center Tokyo 12,dec,2006

Sony Walkman commercial 2007

Sony Walkman commercial duo with Atsuhiro Ito (Optrum)

Performance in TBA festival portland 2007

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